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C&C please

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I'm impressed for a first try and hope I could get the same results!!!

I really like the shot if the guy diving in the pool, I have not seen anything like this captured on here before so nice work although landscape might have made it even better!
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The diving shot is my favorite also.

Maybe because it took me 4 attemps to get one in focus.(lol)

That had to be one of the hardest shots I have taken in a sporting event.

I do agree that landscape would have made it better as it would have gotten more of the body in.

I shot it portrait because I was using a 70-300 lens and I had to be right behind the start to get the shot.

I wanted to show a little distance between him and the water so I shot portrait being so close. I will try the same shot in landscape next time out.

I am also at the mercy of using flash as I am using a 70-300 4-5.6 because the funds aren't quite there yet for the 70-200 2.8. So, on a shot like this, it's ONE chance to get it. No burst.

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Yep, the dive is my favorite. Really great job with that one!

IMO, 2 & 3 suffer because of the sharp downward angle. You were able to get lower on 1, so I'll assume it was possible to get lower on these.

6 is nice and sharp - but just looks odd because you can't see the stroke - it looks like he might have gone diving for a quarter and jumped up for air.

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I too like the dive in shot. The way you can get them in focus all the time is to focus lock a point 6 feet out from the block but first position yourself back far enough so you can capture the block in your shot. Focus on a spot on the surface of the water 6 feet out, hold that spot and kneel down and wait for the swimmer to launch themselves.

I also liked how you captured the team cheering as they're on deck at waters edge.

Good job for your first attempt. Look forward to seeing more!

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