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Great pics. Great colors.
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When I look at your photographs it's like looking at the most scrumptious meal that I have ever eaten and not being able to sample the wares. The height of envy. How I would love to have access to those ceiling strobes of yours just to see what the difference would be in my own shots.

I love the focus you seem to place on emotion, and you do a great job indeed. I was wondering, though, why you don't get up tighter a bit more than you do. Of course this is a matter of style but sometimes when I look at you absolutely excellent exposures I am aching to see it up just a "bit" closer here and there. Not that all should be that way, because that would be boring. I'd just love you to tease me with a few closeups now and then, like, extreme CU's

I also thank you so much for those wonderful bird's-views where the placement of your strobes is made clear. It gives me some hope when I see that even the pros can have some ghosting when the shot is from that perspective aoto horizontal. This shot was especially instructive to me in that area: http://dipictures.free.fr/sports/bas...L/ab2d8712.htm

Thanks for your shots! Man, you are a great photographer, and as professional as professional can be as far as I'm concerned. Your shots are so sharp, so pure, and the color is absolutely fantastic. Don't let anyone call you anything less than a pro. If you ain't a pro, then a pro doesn't exist.

- what is your aperture and shutter generally, assuming that you are using that Sigma 70-200? I am assuming that you are using this lens for most of what I see and the dof and other would indicate this to me, but I'm a beginner.

- if you are not, then what other lens are you using and what "general" setting?

- do you use monopod?

- do you zone focus or follow in AF, or do you use manual focus?

- do you pray? (hehe, a bit subjective) With your consistency, apparent that is, it appears that your prayers are being answered...which leads me to my last question, for now, that is. You have posted a number of shots for us to wallow over, and I'm sure happy you have done that. How many shots went into the trash? What is the percentage of successes for a shoot for you?

And thanks again!
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