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Hi, I just purchased the C770 and took pictures at my first basketball game last night and I am not impressed. I had the camera set on Sports Mode,I used the flash, it was set on HQ, and I had the Fulltime AF (Auto Focus) on. So far, I am pretty disappointed with all of my shots, indoor, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions? If the camera is set on Sports mode, or auto at other time, the camera will automatically set all of the proper settings--correct? Am I missing something? I have not had an abundance of time to spend going over the reference manual, but I have spent as much time as possible searching for answers. Can anyone help me--please!!!! This camera is starting to frustrate me, or maybe it is just the operator! :?
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Well... indoor sports is very difficult for a camera. This is because the light is far too low to prevent motion blur from camera shake and subject movement with most models (even though it appears bright to the human eye) when you're outside of the flash range (andat most indoor sporting events, you will be).

To have a chance at some usable photos, you may need to shoot at ISO 400 (which will add a lot of noise/grain to your shots). In Programmed Auto Mode, the camera will probably select the largest aperture indoors anyway, allowing the fastest possible shutter speeds (and aperture and shutter speed are your two major concerns). You can then set the ISO speed to 400 to help the camera use the fastest shutter speeds possible.

I doubt that Sports Mode would be setting the ISO speed this high (as to keep noise levels down). If you have a tripod or monopod, that wouldhelp a lot to reduce blur from camera shake (but this won't help for subject movement). You can help with color cast problems by setting the white balance to the lighting (although motion blur is probably your biggest problem). You'll probably need to take lots of photos to get many "keepers".

See this thread on why taking photos in low light (and indoor sports is low light) is difficult with most models:

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Jim, Thank you so much--I really appreciate it! You have been so very helpful! Thank you for taking the time to help me.
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Hi Lori;

In addition to what Jim has said, there are a couple of things you can do to squeeze a little more out of your indoor shots.

One is to use as little zoom as conditions will allow. There is a trade-off in quality here. The lower your zoom, the smaller your subject will be, so you will have to do some cropping to emphasize it; this means a lower pixel count and quite possibly less quality. (it also means you have a better chance of the action being on your screen - I hate when I've zoomed in on something only to miss something even more interesting outside the shot.) On the other hand, the more you zoom, the more you emphasize any movement of your subject or of your camera.

Another thing to do, which sounds counter-intuitive, is to slightly under-expose your shot by using a shutter speed which is a little too fast for the lighting conditions. The result will be pictures that are on thedark side, but with a little bit of tweaking in Photoshop or whatever you are editing with, you can often get some very reasonable results.

The last thing I would suggest, if you have the equipment and the venue would allow it, is to use an external flash with a little more kick. Digicam flashes are notoriously weak. A good external flash can easily freeze motion at a good distance. (I've got a flash unit on my Christmas list, if anybody's interested:-)) Sometimes, though, They don't like bright flashes in basketball venues.

I hope this is of help to you. Good luck, and keep on shooting.


Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada
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Hi Tom,

Thank you so much for the excellent advice. My son has a basketball game tomorrow night and I am so excited! I will definitely be trying the different strategies and techniquesthat you all have shared with me. You have been so helpful and I am truly thankful when someone will take the time to answer me and help me out. You're great! Thanks again. Lorie
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