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I was passing by a skateboard park tonight and decided to stop and take a look. It was getting late and I had no clue as to where the best place to shoot from was but I managed to click off a few before the batteries died. Im def revisiting this place in the daylight.

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Always cool to try something new. The first angle does not really work for me although I do like the facial expression but the 2nd one with the motion blur in the background is nicely done.

Not sure what the widest lens is that you have but I would stick that on when shooting this sort of extreme sport especially as it looks like you can get up close and personal with the riders. This will add an interesting perspective to the action and accentuate height/distance.

Good work for a first time out.
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Old Jun 7, 2007, 8:18 AM   #3
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#2 is a great shot. Nice use of flash - was it shoe-mounted or remote?
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Thanks guys, yea Mark, the first pic really doesnt do the story justice. They were coming up a tall ramp and stopping on the edge,balancing, then rolling back down backwards.I just saw this guy sticking his tongue out so I thought Id shoot him head on. I really needed to be off to the side. Ifelt as I was imposing at first so I tried staying out of their way till they became comfortable with me. Towards the end they began doing tricks where ever Id stand, so I knew I was OK with them. Then the battery dies! LOL

John, the flash was camera mounted but tiltedwith the reflector/deflector in place. Im thinking this is where I need to practice some of the rear curtain techniques. Need to read up on it first though.
Here are a couple more:

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Old Jun 15, 2007, 2:31 PM   #5
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great stuff!! the first is really cool! nice idea, the second is just like a magazine style.

just check out any bmx magazine and you will see what i'm talking about!! excellent!
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Old Jun 16, 2007, 5:15 PM   #6
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awesome pics! if you want to know what are some good angles, pick up a bmx magazine in a shop (Ride BMX is the only one i can think of but im sure there are more) and look at the pictures in there. I take pictures more of skateboarding than bmx, but if your getting up close a fisheye lens would be the way to go (especially with those Tabletops that guy was doing).

post some more pictures id like to see em!
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