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I've got another hundred or so similar to this one with other boats, so just at random, here is the last one in this series. Beautiful, powerful, awesome boats. Unfortunately, a racer from Crockett, Texas was killed in these races the next day (Sunday). He was driving a slower class boat (Flat Bottom Glass Blown), which can reach speeds of 150 mph, as opposed to the 200 + mph speeds of the pro modified class, shown here. It was a very freakish accident, and he was the national points leader in this class. Because the boats in that class do not attain speeds in excess of 170 mph, they are not required to have the same set of safety devices that are required for the Pro Modified class, shown here.


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Brilliant shot.

Condolances to the drivers family that was killed. I'm sure this is one of the most dangerous sports in the world!

I thought all drivers were in safety cells and strapped in etc! Maybe they'll change the rules to protect these drivers!

Have you not got a web site to put all these on? That would keep me busy for hours, looking at these images .... keep up the good work!

If you get a chance for Champboats, let us know prior!

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