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Breanna Feb 12, 2010 10:13 PM

Very cool, thank you I will have to check that out in the future :D

Mark1616 Feb 13, 2010 2:49 AM

Looks like a great event to shoot and you've captured some nice moments.

Panning in this sort of environment is a bit harder than track work as you will be affected by the lumps and bumps caused by being off road. This can put a vertical movement into play which you can't account for when panning. I would suggest not going crazy low with the shutter speed for the general shots, but a bit lower than you have so there is more movement in the wheels etc. Depending on the speed these are going at I would use 1/500s or less.

When it comes to normal panning (using much lower shutter speeds) then a monopod for me is helpful if I'm shooting for a while as it will help with muscle fatigue and allow a more consistent steady pan. If I'm using a lens less than say 100mm then probably won't bother.

This is just off the start line of an event at 1/60s not extreme for the speed of the car at this point as I shoot for sale so have to be a little conservative in settings to get enough keepers.

This was pre sales time so was shooting at 1/160s which gives a nice effect at faster parts of the track (you can go lower too) but less keepers.

Our king of panning is TG and you can see a few of his shots in this thread.

Looking forward to seeing your next attempts.

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