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SamG Aug 25, 2016 1:56 PM

Shooting into the sun help
Why didn't I think about posting here earlier? :mad: I am the unofficial photographer for my son's MS soccer (and basketball, but that's another thread) team.

Our home field is set up so the sun sets directly behind the sideline, right about midfield. Last year was great since the benches were looking across the field and into the sun (I'm opposite the benches so I had the sun at my back).

This year the coach moved the benches to the other side, so now I'm shooting toward the setting sun. I'm not allowed on the bench side nor behind the goals.

Most of my shots (especially as the game progresses), are just "washed out". I fix what I can in post, but don't know what I can do as I'm taking the pictures. I'm just using the kit 70-200mm. Some samples:


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