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The last couple of games I've shot, I moved to the deep sideline to shoot for a little less than a quarter in each game, just to try some different shooting angles. I like the baseline far better because of better facial captures, but Iwas pleased witha couple that came from the side

Shot with Pentax K10d, DA*50-135 @ ISO 1000, f2.8, 1/500 (I should mention these were shot in civic arena with wonderful lights instead of a high school gym.)

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Nice sharp shots Paul.

Looks like you've got some WB issues on shot 1 though.

shot 2: nice timing. But the defenders in front really don't add much - they're not part of the play. The only interesting part of the image is the shooter so you want to concentrate more on him. Now, that's tough - the defenders could have easily been involved and added to the shot, it just didn't turn out that way. Also with the current crop, my eyes keep getting drawn to #22 (the least interesting subject in the f rame). It looks like the focus mightt be off a bit on the shooter so you might not be able to crop down. But if you do have enough sharpness & detail then a tighter crop on the shooter might improve things.

shot 3: nice timing. And again sharp. The two issues here are again the defender really adds nothing to the shot - he's not involved in the play. And you've caught the shooter in a very akward looking pose - very stiff looking with one arm strait down and one at 90 degrees. Again, nothing you can do about that behind the camera - except that's the exact reason to take burst shots (I usually take 2-4 shot bursts). It's possible the shot before or after this one would have the player looking less akward.

1 is definitely my pick out of these 3. The others have better action but the overal composition in them isn't as good as the first one.

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Thanks for an excellent critique, John. I can't find anything with which I disagree with you at all, but you've put your finger on a couple of things that I've thought "That's not quite right, just can't say why."

I'm not sure WB is all of the problem in #1. I took it down and played around with it for a few minutes and there wasn't much room to go. Both of the girls in the shot have very light olive skin, always difficult to WB wherever I shoot these two. The WB is off, no question, but it should be off on some of the other shots from that angle, and it isn't. I'm thinking perhaps a combination of more than one thing...the very light skin, the amount WB is off, and perhaps a light hot spot. Just a guess. I did like the angle of the shot and am going to experiment a little more.

I agree fully on #22 in shot #2. He's just not doing ANYTHING, but he draws your eye. Ithought about going with a very narrow crop to eliminate him, but I would also eliminate an element that adds to the feel of action with the player's leg coming up

#3 is an odd posture, perhaps part of the reason it caught my eye when editing. One of the reasons I went ahead with this shot is picking up the ball entering the cylinder through the glass.

Unfortunately, tonight I go back to the cave as we return to our home gym, and I doubt I have much worth posting at least for a couple of weeks till we get back to the civic area with good lights. At least we're undefeated and ranked #1 in our size classification.

Thanks for looking and the good advice.

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hey trojan,
man your work is really excellent! great job!
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