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JaroDefer Feb 23, 2004 3:00 PM

Is it just me or are these pictures not embedding?

I can copy the link and see the pic, but I don't think that your hosting site allows direct linking. I suppose it could just be my computer.....

Normcar Feb 26, 2004 10:22 PM


I like your original best, the monotone background, without the blue, carries the "red" skier even more into the center of interest, bringing the viewer's eye to one place only...the action, and that's good stuff.

The wonderful editing of blue in the sky by Jaro is excellent indeed but I'm not sure it's needed in this particular photo. In some ways it may even distract from the center of interest because the blue is so demanding to the eye. If one was doing a study of the trees or horizon, then yes, the blue is great, but the primary focus and attention, I think, in this particular work is the skier.

Thanks for the photo!

srvsd Mar 22, 2004 9:12 PM

I like them both. A big problem I have is with white balance when taking skiing photos. A lot of days are overcast and this makes things worse (mostly white subject with light gray sky). The original seems fine to me, but I like the blue sky version too. I'd like to see a little more texture of the snow, but that is just my personal preference.

photosbyvito Mar 22, 2004 9:19 PM

srvsd.......does your camera do "manual white balance"?

cuz then you evaluate it to the snow.....

it is true about the snow texture...

aladyforty Mar 23, 2004 2:32 AM

nice photo but how someone else hijacked the photo in the first place has me curious :D

srvsd Mar 23, 2004 6:32 AM

Yes it does do manual white balance. It still can be a pain because different runs face different directions so the sun (if out that day) makes different runs brighter than others. The bottom line is that I guess I'm a little lazy and should manually white balance every photo op but usually auto is good enough.

PKchopper Mar 25, 2004 11:39 PM


Originally Posted by aladyforty
nice photo but how someone else hijacked the photo in the first place has me curious :D

Like this: Hey...what are you doing in my post :P Get back on the side where you're supposed to be :lol:

Now I just simply linked to your avatar where it is. But if anyone wanted to they could save your picture, edit it and post it from their site. Or if your site is not secure then they could save the alteration there and have you "host" your own altered picture.

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