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gwill Sep 27, 2010 9:53 PM

soccer attempt 2
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I made some changes and want to see if I am going in right direction. 2 and 4 are croped from 1 and 5. Is it ok to crop, is that too much? I seemed to have more out of focus with the settings used this time, and I am not sure why. Also I had times where the person in background was in focus, not my subject. Thanks.

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2. this is same as #1 after croping
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jschoenr Sep 27, 2010 10:52 PM

This is definitely an improvement. Some comments:

1. Watch you horizons. Be sure to get the pictures straight. This is a very easy fix and will set yours apart from most everyone else.

2. You are shooting in Av mode. This is better than Tv or others, but even with this mode, your shots are a bit under-exposed. Remember, you are trying to get the faces exposed properly - background, jerseys, etc don't matter if you get the face right and the camera meter just can't make that kind of adjustment. Be brave! Switch to Manual.

3. You are getting 1/2500-1/3200 at ISO 320. Anything over 1/1000 will usually stop the action effectively, so drop the ISO to increase sharpness.

4. Are you using center-point focusing? If so, it takes a little practice to keep the subject in the middle of the frame and that could be your issue. Keep working at it. If you aren't using center-point, then you definitely need to switch - at least then it's you making the mistake - not the camera.

5. You've captured good action, good facial expressions, so you are right on target there. Great job!

6. You won't want to crop much more than you've done. To maintain sharpness, you'll want the subject filling at least 2/3 of the vertical frame. It's one of my most difficult challenges - having to wait for the action to come to you.

7. Keep shooting and keep posting! You'll be giving the next guy advice in no time!

lomitamike Sep 27, 2010 10:55 PM

The action in #3 and 5 is good but there not tight enough, even cropped. I think you need a longer lens. I use a 400mm lens for soccer and some times that not long enough for the little ones. I would also shoot portrait and get lower to the ground. And try keeping the sun behind you.

I'm not a pro, maybe someone more experienced has something to add.

JohnG Sep 28, 2010 5:34 AM

some good comments above. The one thing I'll add is the focus on wrong person is a result of framing so loosely. The cropped photos - 2 & 5 represent the loosest you should be framing IN CAMERA. Then you crop tighter from there. Soccer is probably the hardest sport to follow this advice though because so much of the action takes place too far away. There's also the fear when first starting out that you'll miss something if you frame tightly in camera. The sooner you can conquer that fear the better off you'll be. Yes you'll occasionally lose a hand/foot - but the remaining shots will be much, much better. As mentioned, you're making improvements. Keep at it. It's a process.

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