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Big Texx Nov 25, 2008 9:12 PM

2nd time out taking soccer shots with new camera. My daughter was injured in the game and I actually got a shot of the injury in progress, Shots #1and #2

Overall, I dont think the shots turned out as good as my first go-around a week ago. Any suggestions as to why?

Big Texx

Mark1616 Nov 26, 2008 4:24 AM

You have still done well for a 2nd time out. Most of us will have good days and bad when shooting sports, I've been covering events in the past and just felt that my timing/eye have been off and even a small amount of change on my part can make a huge difference to the final result.

It seems to me that you are cropping too much, I'm basing this on the full size shots on Smugmug where you are around 2000 pixels for the longest size. With the resolution you have, if you are cropping the longest side to below 3200 pixels you are cropping too much. This has the effect of giving a softer shot with less accurate focus.

Try to fill 2/3 of the frame when shooting in portrait orientation, if the subject doesn't then don't take the shot. Most people when first shooting sports will not use enough zoom, it is safe to shoot wider but you are losing a lot of detail. It will take more practise to keep the frame filled but when you do you will be amazed at the improvement. Another reason for the improvement apart from being within the range of the lens is to have more of a target for your focus point to find. For example your 2nd to last shot, the camera is focused on the grass behind the player.

Have a look at;forum_id=82which I wrote a while ago for new sports shooters. JohnG has a really good one for football but I can't find it.

Sorry about your daughter, that does look nasty hope she is soon able to play again.

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