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It's just a jibe at the L snobs out there whose stated opinion is 3rd party lenses in particular and really any non-L series lens is incapable of taking a good photo. If you haven't yet, you'll run into them when researching lens purchases.

Typically non-professionals to boot - they seem to think having a 'magic lens' makes them a good photographer.

Like NHL, I have L glass, non-L canon glass and third party glass. I try to find the best bang-for-the-buck when buying a new lens. Sometimes the L is the better lens but there are more and more non-L lenses that produce high quality images. Assuming you know how to use them
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the pictures are great .thanks for the input it has been a help
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I guess I am a L snob, I have 2 and somedayI hope to make it 3. I buy The Canon L lenese because I feel I am get a quality lens. there is nothing wrong wiith sigma,tamron,nikon or what ever. Its just a personal choice. It doesn't make me a better photographer nor does using a sigma make one a better photographer. That goes for Nikon also.

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Oh by the was , These are some outstanding pictures
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Curious, discussions similar to this reply have taken place in the sports forum. While we all take photos for different reasons, do you look to profit from, or even freely share and distribute these types of pictures (the surfers)?

Curious in that most athletes perform their sport for their own gratification. That said, I think we can all agree, there is some ego, pride, vanity, even narcissism in most athletes. Everyone loves to see what they look like on the playing field.

Did you find a way to offer those pic's to the surfers? Did you consider any way to possible profit from your time and effort? (Please don't misunderstand. Perhaps you took the pictures for the sheer joy of photography, learning, etc.) But, those guys may have shelled up some dough.

I have wondered if it is worth even keeping a stack of simple business cards with your web site whereever you go. Drop one on the surfers towels (if you didn't speak to them) and see if they'd visit a smugmug type of site and shell out a few bucks? You won't get rich, but every shoot has the possibility of someone being flattered and wanting the photo.

Again, please don't misunderstand, but I would have bought a photo if I were a surfer. I think. Great shots. Great memories at the beach. I'd never cry if a surfer, mother in the park with child, whoever, said, "You know, I really like that picture. How much do you want for it?" Point is, as I'm learning from you guys, the equipment isn't free and it doesn't seem many have all the gear they'll ever need. Can we have other people, even these unsuspecting subjects, help us advance our own gear and abilities???


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