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I did a search but could not find any other postings. Is anyone here doing any photography at sporting events as a business?

I am doing a softball tournament on Mother's day weekend. I am NOT doing printing on site, I will only be doing preview and sales. I am still trying to decide on a software solution, I dont really want to use proof sheets.

Just thought I would post to see if any one had any comments or thoughts. I have looked on some other forums and got some ideas most of those guys are big time events photog's and have setups and workflows lightyears above what I need or can afford at this point. I like the atmosphere much better.

Thanks guys.
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sorry j,

I shoot boxing, kickboxing, MMA but it is all for the promoter and i email it to him for promo work. I have sold a few of my shots to people, I get their email or give them a card with my email and send them low res proofs over email and they order whatever they want then. the problem i ran into when investigating this is i needed an assistant to handle the printing and orders and to get someonereliable and tech savvy to run computer and printer, andalso make any little crops or correctionscut to much into profit. Also the money the promoter pays is pretty nice and dont want him to feel like hes taking a backseat so i can sell prints. Hope you find an economic answer, if you do please post it as i may be interested.

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I'mrelativelynew to this hobby/business andgot some good advice from JohnG and others on this topic in the past, so I'll share my experiences to date. I started shooting local events (mostly events my kids were participating in) and handing out cards to participants. Be sure to get permission from the event sponsor (rec league, athletic director, etc.) beforehand. If you want to get paid, you need to act professionally. I've never tried the onsite proof/printing idea for same reasons ecap listed.

So, here is what I've found over the past few months (in no particular order):

1. smugmug is a good place to host your online albums with decent pricing and lots of flexibility for customizing your site

2. handing out business cards doesn't work really well. find a team representative or coach and get their email address, then follow-up with a link to the gallery from the event you photographed. better yet, get a list of emails for all participants from the organizer and send to them directly.

3. A shot that will get good reviews here may not sell.. The people most likely to buy are typically parents of kids least likely to be in compelling shots, so you need to be ready when the opportunity presents itself.

4. Be selective with what you put out there (I have the hardest time with this).

Good luck and be sure to post some of the results here!
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at sporting events i usually hand out cards, i don't have an expensive printer. i have been shooting alot of drag racing. that seems to be my most popular sport for sales from my smugmug. i have started doing individual and team photos. thats where i really want to advance. i have a local lab here, that i can usually get my photos the next day. they have on their site a roes setup, i just put in the photos like i want them, and wah-la the next day done. when i first started shooting, i did a karate tournament, the guy had someone doing all the photochop work, and then he ripped off all of us who was shooting, and alot of the parents that had paid their money. and then i find this site that he does that all over the states. lesson learned, hahahaha. but if you have a nice printer go for it you can make some bank!
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