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OK folks. I'm instituting a new policy regarding my sports shooting advice. About twice a year I get an irritation regarding people giving away sports photos for free or on the cheap. It's usually to other parents but also free submissions to newspapers etc. I love sports shooting and I enjoy helping people who have a passion for it get better. But there's a large segment of sports shooters out there that I'll just have to disagree with. In my opinion giving away these photos or images is bad - bad for the industry and bad for me specifically. More and more people poses hiqh quality cameras. Armed with knowledge gained from the internet they now have the ability to produce photos 'good enough' for many customers as long as the price is free. This thread is not to debate the subject. I understand in most cases people's intentions are very good. I just happen to disagree with the practice. And, of course a lot of knowledge can be gained from reading posts of others. A number of people have mentioned in the last couple months how they learned a lot by reading posts in our sports forum without posting themselves.

To that end - my new personal policy is that I will not make public critiques or provide public advice regarding sports shooting. I'm still happy to help people out - just PM me and ask for opinion, advice and / or critique on a post you made. As long as you provide me your word your sports shooting is for personal family use only and you're not giving away sports photos (or selling them for like $1) to other people or free submissions to paper I'll be glad to help out. I also don't have a problem helping people outside my area get better as semi-pros (i.e. making money off it). It's just the people giving away the product/service or selling it way too cheaply (e.g. $1) that I really don't want to help get better at taking away my business or the business of other people trying to make some coin off sports shooting.

For those that want to give away their work, I'm considering a fee based system :G- if I'm going to be losing money on my products/services producing photos I might as well make up the difference selling my knowledge (this is a joke people - please don't be offended).
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