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I thought it might be a cool idea for people that shoot various sports to put together general tips for shooting that particular sport. If you've ever shot 2 different sports before, you know that each one comes with it's own challenges – what equipment is useful, what equipment/settings are necessary and what shooting positions and shot types you would recommend. The idea is that someone who wants to or has to shoot that specific sport can read the dedicated thread and use it as a primer. Of course, this being a discussion forum it would be great if people added to the threads from their own experience.

Here's my suggestion for each thread:
  1. Have several sections: [/*]
    1. Required Equipment (focal length lenses, necessary apertures) [/*]
    2. Desired Equipment (is a monopod a good idea? Does IS help) [/*]
    3. Compensating for less than desired equipment – not everyone has the best lenses and equipment so maybe add some tips if a person doesn't have as much focal length as you would suggest or doesn't have ISO 3200 or a 1.4 lens or whatever [/*]
    4. Desired camera settings (what works well – AV, TV, Manual, auto WB, custom WB, Servo Focus, Single shot focus) [/*]
    5. Special techniques – panning, flash use (and settings) [/*]
    6. Shooting positions and types of shots to get – to me this is a big help when shooting a new sports – what shots should I look for and where should I position myself). [/*]
    7. PICTURES – especially with point6 above – show a couple pictures that illustrate the types of shots from the different shooting positions [/*]
    8. Any other hints or tips to success – this may be things such as talking to event coordinators to get access to the field or floor or whatever pearls of wisdom your experience provides you that someone whose never shot that event before might not know [/*]

When at all possible, try to keep it brand agnostic. While your sport may require ISO 1600, it doesn't really matter if that's a Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus or Sony camera – the general nature of these posts should apply to all camps I would think.
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Nice idea John...... looking forward to seeing some good ideas to help us all out, I might even put a couple together lol.
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