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I was out in Lubbock on Saturday and went by practice for a bit. One great thing that Texas Tech does is allow fans to come and truly experience every spring practice. Whether on the practice fields or inside the stadium, you can walk around on the sidelines pretty much w/o restriction. This is a pretty large batch of photos (41 I think) that I uploaded. Didn't get home until after 11PM last night so I haven't done any PP work on them yet. Here's a slideshow:


Shot with Olympus e500
Zuiko 40-150mm

Most photos were shot at ISO 400. The camera will go up to ISO 1600 but the amount of noise I get at that range is just too much for me to overcome in PP. Sunlight was AMAZING and I shot everything in 1/2500 or 1/3200. Don't think I posted any of my 1/4000 shots.

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In general, much of this grouping was getting pictures out to a group of people looking for photos from practice...whether they be action or otherwise. As far as people standing around, that's what happens when you go to a team practice.You have about 100 players plus another25 or so coaches, staff, etc.Along with the 200 or so fans that are watching practice from the sidelines, you alsohad a HS coaches clinic going on and many of them were either observing from the field or sidelines.

One thing I noted in the first post is I haven't done any cropping or pp work on the photos. Since my biggest concern was getting photos out to people, I uploaded them last night before going to bed. I plan to take the time to crop and adjust where possible to improve the look.

I think we have a difference of opinion in what we're looking for in photos John. IMO, your photos capture the action very well (the glass definitely plays a part) but the coloring and "look" of the photo is lacking because of the blown out whites drawing me away from the action...especially in #1.Myeyes keepgetting pulled towards thewhite pants.

One issue that differs in these photos is the difference in shooting white players vs black players. I think the black helmet compounds this problem even more so. Throw in shooting on a VERRRY bright, cloudless day and it's gets even harder. Look at the first photo, it was very easy to capture the QB's face (ignore that it's a bit soft, I'm just talking coloring). With some minor adjustmentsI can acheive the proper lighting with that photo. Then look at the other photos, I'm definitely closer to the face on #3 and #4 though you can barely see their face due to the shadows and exposure. What adjustments should I look to make to themin PP?? I'm pretty new to Photoshop and Aperture but I'm going to give it a try tonight.

Here are a few photos (sorry for posting large files, the "medium" option on flickr is way too small for any discussion):

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Hi mctrees02, I agree with John on the exposure, if action is what you want to capture then facial expressions are a vital part of that, I have found Johns advice to be extremely useful! with your permission i have had a very quick play with your posted shot to show what a better lit face and judicious cropping can achieve!. Kind regards Graham.


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Great to see someone new posting in the sports section!!!

Don't take it personally if someone like John (arguably the best sports shooter on Steve's) gives advice, I've known him for a long time and his only interest it to help others learn and to learn himself. The edits from Graham make a great improvement and I have to concur that when shooting people you need the face otherwise you are losing a vital element of expression from the shot. This is why shots of the back of people rarely work or if the face is obstructed by an arm.

Looking forward to seeing some more of your work. Keep shooting, keep posting!
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