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I definitely agree with posting more - the sports section needs MORE posts, not less. And, to be honest, more people commenting. You don't have to be a great sports shooter to say what you like/don't like about a shot. You may not be able to articulate how to improve the shot but everyone's opinion has value. Most of the people I sell to or see my photos in the weekly paper don't know a thing about sports shooting but their opinion matters a great deal. If you look at the sports page, you're qualified to offer constructive criticism - sports shooting is for the massses, by and large - it's not like looking at abstract art.

So, keep posting photos, and keep commenting on people's posts. The more the merrier
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Mark1616 wrote:
Time Out!!!

I'm not sure if Graham worded that correctly as I love seeing the swimming shots you take especially the high energy ones. We all post a lot of our shots from the sports we mainly cover (hockey for me) and I don't think we should stop that.

I hope it was not my initial comment that started this off as I didn't mean you should stop posting rather I was saying your work is very good and you are consistently getting great results and just wondered what the next steps might be.

We all need to keep posting, keep learning, and keep encouraging each other!!

Mark your right i don't think i expressed myself correctly, thank you!! (it's hard just in text to the other side of the world) sorry if i offended you Spy!!. What i tried to convey is having seen the last 2 pics posted i see you have mastered your craft for swimming, the negative bit was about seeing close up ofswimmers justdoing what they do, butI now appreciate why you use close ups of individual swimmers for sale purposes! they are technically very good (far better than anything i could come up with).just IMO, not appreciating your business,a little repetitive!.Don't get me wrong i love seeing any good sports pic and i hope to post againsoon( when the rugby leagueseason starts)so you can rip mine to bits:lol:. Kind regards Graham
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