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Final gameof the tournament was a rough one - 77 free throws attempted and 51 turnovers..

I tried some different locations and worked through the new post processing workflow (thanks Trojansoc). Some questions I have for noiseware and Unsharp - what are the recommended settings? I have been using default in Noiseware and haven't figured out the USM in Photoshop (Elements), so I'm just using Picasa's Sharpen tool..

I also set up a site on smugmug to try to sell some of these to fans and parents. Any advice on that front? Just planning to hand out cards at events I'll be at any - like rec leage basketball, baseball, etc..

C&C welcome as well...

Full gallery is at


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Nice work. A little less noise reduction. The idea is to use only enough to remove objectionable noise. The default setting for noiseware is a little heavy handed so I recommend reducing it a bit - down to around 30-60% (each for color/noise)

As for these shots:

1 is a nice shot - decent action and sharp faces.

2 not so much - can't really see the faces well and nothing interesting happening in the photo

3 - no ball. It's a rare shot that's interesting without the ball in the frame.

4. Nice shot. Parents love these

If you're goint to sell your work - make sure you have the permission of the Athletic Director to do so. You want to be on their good side, so place a call to their office and talk to them first. I would also recommend explaining your approach. For instance, the one high school I work at has no problem with photographers shooting from the court or field side and selling work but they don't want anything handed out at the events and don't allow advertisement on school property. So, find out before hand rather than just do what you want until you're told no. If you act like a pro they'll treat you that way.

Also, shooting for sales to parents is different than shooting for newspaper or even fun - it's about what sells not necessarily the best action or most interesting to you. You need the player's face, preferably good action and as little distraction as possible. And definitely the player in a positive light. So while a photo of a player going up and having the ball knocked away might be interesting for here or paper that player's parent isn't going to buy it. Same thing when there are arms / legs over the face. Also, you don't know who is going to buy - and in my experience it is RARELY the star athlete. But that's who you would normally have the most photos of. So, make sure you're taking photos of everyone on the team, especially bench players. Oftentimes the shots will be uninteresting to post here but that's OK - your goal is to sell photos not take the best sports photos - especially since the bit players rarely offer up interesting photo ops. Hope that made sense.

For what it's worth I've used a smugmug pro site for the last couple years and I've been very happy with them.
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Great advice! I'll get a photo order and am dumbfounded as to why parents pick certain shots. You just never know. Shoot, shoot, and shoot. Even sideline shots of kids are big sellers for me.
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