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Mark1616 Oct 26, 2006 5:44 AM

Hi all,

Is it just me or are we seeing more and more topics where there are none or only one replies? Now I admit I have to include myself in this otherwise we would not be in this situation, but I feel if someone has taken the time to post then rather than just looking let's give some feedback..... surely that's what we all want and why we post here in the first place?!? For me I want to be able to go pro in the next 5 years rather than just making the small amount I do now from photography and I really appreciate hearing the good and the bad so that I can improve my work. I'm not saying that if someone has posted a terrible photo that we shoot them down in flames but lets lets encourage each other to improve.

Let's take RadioControlGuy's recent work of football games..... there are some great shots and one of them has been viewed approx 100 times but none of us have been bothered to post, why is this, are people afraid to be the first one to say something, have we all run out of things to say, or is it that we only want people to look at our pics and not really worried about the other members here?

Well that's my rant over.... and don't feel that you have to reply to this.... LOL :mad::blah:;)

JohnG Oct 26, 2006 9:01 AM

OK, I'll bite :-)

If there's a sport I'm not familiar with, I'll still view it. But more often than not I won't comment on it unless:

1. It just strikes me as an outstanding shot. Some shots just look great - you don't have to know the sport.

2. Something is glaringly incorrect and easy to suggest a correction

Most photos fall in between these two areas. If it's something I'm familiar with I feel I can offer some suggestions for how to improve. If it's not something I feel comfortable with then I'll leave it alone. I guess I just don't believe in the false platitude concept - i.e. saying "nice post" unless I really do like it.

And, I guess I feel like I dominate the comments here sometimes - so I try and make an effort to hold back. After all, this is a group forum and not my soap box (although I freely admit my soap box is located close by ).Hopefully, we're picking up some more regular posters here with some new promising sports shooters so we'll see some great feedback (both positive and constructive criticism). In the end, it's the constructive criticism that helps the most. If we were all perfect, we'd be shooting for Sports Illustrated. So, I'm confident everyone here can do SOMETHING better next time they shoot - myself included. So, I encourage everyone to add constructive criticism - it helps us all improve.

davidreeves Oct 26, 2006 10:34 AM

well, I will bite too. I have been absent for a number of months so I havent commented at all, nor have I looked.

Mark and John, I always appreciated your comments on my posts and suggestions. With basketball season approaching I will surely be posting here again.

I know some would say this is a spot to show off your work but truly I think it is extremely helpful to get feedback.

I tend to hesitate with my feedback because I am still at the beginning of my learning curve. John, you obviously always have something to offer and your comments, at least from my perspective, are always welcomed.

Keep your soap box handy and dominate away!

RadioControlGuy Oct 26, 2006 2:44 PM

Well I must admit that I am flattered that Mark1616 has noticed my pics :)

I too am guilty of looking without replying though. I will try to make a habit of replying more often in the future though.

k1par Oct 26, 2006 2:50 PM

I'll agree with John. I am no expert but if I like the shot I will comment. Sometimes if I don't like the shot a lot I will comment also BUT I have to know who I am commenting too, I won't do that to just anyone. I once commented on one persons shot and he about took my head off, But with people like John I can make comments and we have had some lively threads onthis site. I'm justwaiting for basektball to start in about a month so we can do it again.

I haven't posted lately for several reasons:

A) Soccer season is over

B) I am changing ISP's and it is taking forever (No internet at home right now)

C) I am using someone elses computer to be online.

Mark1616 Oct 26, 2006 3:36 PM

RadioControlGuy wrote:

Well I must admit that I am flattered that Mark1616 has noticed my pics :)

I too am guilty of looking without replying though. I will try to make a habit of replying more often in the future though.

Yep and as you will notice I didn't post anything..... as I said this is something that we are all guilty of (if that is the right word for this) but I just want to learn more and more and even if someone is not the knowledgeable then people still know what they like and that counts for a lot!

At least this one got some replies lol!!!

Happy shooting all :-)

JohnG Oct 26, 2006 4:06 PM

I know, everything is wrapping up here too. I'm shooting a district finals volleyball game tonight and that may be the last shoot until basketball starts in December. Of course, I might just have to hitch on to one of the local football teams if they make the playoffs just so I have something to shoot.

Wow, 35 degrees, chilly, maybe some rain or snow - lights so dark you wish you had ISO 6400 - nothin' better than HS playoff football in NE US :blah:

Ron G Oct 26, 2006 6:20 PM


I am personally hoping for 5 more weeks of Football after Friday.

The team that I shoot is the defending D3 State Champs(15-0) and #1 ranked right now at 9-0.

Will you be shooting MLC in the playoffs again this year?

Maybe we will meet up at some point in the post season.

JohnG Oct 27, 2006 8:10 AM


I haven't been shooting Lake Catholic this year. I started a sports shooting business over the winter and shoot for a local paper and for parents of local schools. Lake has a parent photographer who donates his photos - meaning there's little interest in having someone there who wants to sell their photos. I also diidn't like the fact that after covering them all last season I had to harass the heck out of them come playoff time to get a sideline pass. We'll see how they do. I have a local school - Medina that will likely make the Division I playoffs. Neither Lake nor Medina are good enough to make it far into the playoffs but we'll see. I'll keep my eye on Lake and may make an appearance at one of their playoff games.

Best of luck to you and your team!

vIZnquest Oct 27, 2006 12:44 PM

I have noticed that there are posts with many views with no comments. Guilty in not providing some feedback.

I guess what I will do now is look for those posts and see if I can offer anything of value.

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