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A new sport for me, wrestling. The preaseason has lasted what seems like forever...over 2 months, so needless to say we were excited, esp since this was my son's first try at the sport. When his turn came up, second to the last wrestler, he spent most of his time facing away from me and ended up pinning the guy in 45 sec. Needless to say I got nothing good. OK, proud daddy moment over. Ive shot basketball in this gym before but man, I dont recall it being so dark. My settings ranged from ISO 4500-6400, w/ shutter speeds between 1/160-1/250 @ f/2.8. The settings helped me with something I had forgotten. In such darkness, keep cropping to a minimum so frame the shots accordingly. Shot with the D3 and the 70-200. C&C always welcomed.

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Really good shots. I might suggest trying flash so you can take care of the motion blur. But for the mat work with little movement (and thus no blur) some really great results.
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These are very good.

My kid wrestled for 5 years. Graduated last year. I used his senior year as my excuse to by a digital camera and get back into photography after 20 years of just vacation etc. with a point and shoot.

I shot wrestling for all last year's season with a canon 40D and a 70-200 f2.8. I used ISO 1600 and shot shutter priority. If I had to crop down, the noise would start to get noticeable. I finally figured out how to get press passes to the events and that got me on the floor. This made it a lot easier, especially at the Sectionals, Districts and State tournaments.

I went back and forth on the flash. Sometimes the kids are far enough away it works fairly well and just kicks up the light a touch. Other times they were pretty close and it looked like they were hit with a flash. No way to bounce in that environment. In addition, I didn't like hitting a kid trying to make a move or get out of a move with a blinding flash.

Interesting sport.



Cleveland, Ohio
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thanks for looking gentlemen! I actually did try the flash for the last 10 or so photos. I get home, upload, view and see that i had left the iso at 4500! I will be experimenting with it more and more as the season progresses. this first time out was to get me acquainted with the sport itself.
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Great shots there! My fave is #1. Not only did you catch the grimace on the boy in the blue singlet but you captured the fear on the other boy's face.

I see that you, like I, will change your level depending on whether they're standing or down. It gets worse as they get older and the HWTs get much taller!

I shoot wrestling more than any other sport. I've shot my son through rec., high school and now college. And, believe me, there are tons of shots that I missed because his butt was towards me. Enjoy it while you can and soon you will find it hard to watch a match without looking through the viewfinder!

As for light, the higher ISO is ideal for those dark gyms but don't be afraid to use a flash for wrestling. I was able to use flash during my son's early years but I can't use it for college. I still shoot HS matches and I've even asked the kids. They are concentrating so much on the task at hand that they don't see the flash.

OTOH it's not a good thing for all sports. Last week a parent that saw me shooting a high school basketball game was thrilled that I wasn't using a flash. She told me that at a prior game the photographer from the local paper was behind the basket using a shoe mounted flash during free throws! Her son missed every shot that night.
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Nice set of shots, great captures of the action from the wrestling and very clean images for such high ISO settings.
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TG...thanks for the kind words! As an admirer of your work, it means alot.

Photocarp, thanks for looking and the comments. My booty is DEF sore after a match, as are my knees, back and elbows, LOL. My son is really enjoying this sport soI hope he continues in High School next year. If it extends into college, Id be one proud daddy! Ill be playing with the flash tonight and we'll see what I come up with.
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