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Default Youth Football - First game

First game of the season for this youth football team. C&C always welcome.







8. Interception setting up game winning touchdown

9. And, my favorite shot (even if it was the other team) - showing the excitement after that interception:

10. Tried the flea-flicker for the big play

11. Actually completed it - just 60 yards short of the endzone
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Very nice set here as always. I am hoping to give youth football a shoot here very soon and will be very happy with results have as good as these.

Canon 7D
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wow great pics john. i shot my co-workers son the other day,junior varsity. i was shooting with an iso of 640,shutter of 1600 to 2000, f.2.8 wide open. for the conditions, which was cloudy,was what i went with. what settings do you shoot football with? did you crop any of your pics?
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Nice series of shots John, the only criticism I have is that some of these shots look to be a touch over exposed (blown highlights) 1/3 to even 2/3 of a stop in some in my opinion.

#1 grandstand & background blown out
#3 left side of helmet almost disappears into background,
#10 player LH side in background helmet starts to disappears into grandstand
#11 whole picture looks slightly over exposed (1/3 stop?)

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Thanks all. TG - great points and I agree with them.

Hawksfan9 - yes I crop. But the rule to go by is: shoot tight, crop tighter. So you can only crop so much and still have quality. In my experience, poor results from overcropping is more related to focus errors rather than lack of pixels. No matter how many pixels a camera has, trying to shoot a human 40 yards away with a 200mm lens won't produce very good results most of the time.

As to your settings - they're fine. That's a very reasonable ISO. I prefer to have at least 1/1000 shutter speed but more is better. It's just a balancing act with ISO. That's what's great about the high ISO performance of many of the latest bodies. my 1dmkiii at ISO 800 requires no noise reduction for my uses.
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