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DSProtection May 16, 2010 3:15 PM

Youth soccer! Critique and tips wanted.
Took some pics of my eldest sons soccer team today. I would like to have critique and tips for learning to take better pics. Im a bit limited by my gear. I only have a D5000 and a 70-300 f4,5-5,6. Hopefully I can upgrade in the near future.
Best regards/Daniel





5. My son doing a bicicleta.



8. My son is the one to the left.

9. My son in black/yellow.

10. My son in black/yellow.

Mark1616 May 16, 2010 6:28 PM

Hi Daniel, thanks for the PM about these... flattery will get you everywhere ;)

Considering the kit, I think you've done a really good job keeping the framing tight to be able to isolate the subjects and remove a lot of the distracting background. Also the tight framing has helped reduce the DOF, again giving better isolation.

Looks like you are shooting from a low angle which is great, much better than standing tall and shooting down on the players.... this is something that is even worse for me than most being almost 2m tall so I always try to sit on the ground (a foam pad that I got at Wimbledon many years ago, covered in black plastic bags is my favored method of keeping comfortable and pretty clean).

In the first couple I'm not sure if focus is missed slightly or if they it is just a PP issue but they look a little soft.

The next thing now is to find the action. The shot of your son is very cool doing the bicycle kick but lots of others are nice shots but lack impact. Now this can be hard to get, especially at younger ages and lower levels of play as they don't go in as hard, they don't run as fast and they don't yet have the same skill levels as players 5 years older. Look for headers, these are probably your most common higher level shot, then you have tackles, shots on goal, saves or attempted saves etc as well as the occasional moment of skill like your son showed that is outside the usual.

Please don't think I'm saying they are bad as you've got good exposures across the board, framed well etc, but now it is where sports shooting gets hard.... finding the moment of action that really stands out. I've shot hundreds of field hockey games and would say I know the sport well but have very few shots that stand out to me where I think I've done a good job. With motor sport it is much easy and have many that I'm pleased with, but they are totally different beasts, racing cars are going fast and hard all the time and generally you can predict to within a couple of meters where they will be, in a field sport the play can go anywhere so you have to learn to predict, be quick to get onto the action before it happens ready to shoot.

I'm looking forward to seeing you progress.

Thanks for sharing!!!

DSProtection May 16, 2010 6:54 PM

Thanks Mark for taking your time to give some tips and trix, and positive critique. Its worth alot to me.
Ill have to try to shoot a soccer game when the adult team is playing. Im also going to try to get away shooting some American football. It seems like a cool sport to shoot. Im gonna try to get better on catching the action. As you said, there isnt that much action at this age, but sometimes there is. Ill have to be more selective when choosing the pics to show.

Thanks again, and take care.

Best regards/Daniel

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