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Default Shooting in an Ice Rink

Hey guys, i was hoping for a little bit of help,

I've been asked to shoot my ice hockey teams team photo, but I have the most basic lens 18-55mm lens and a canon EOS 400D

I was wondering what the optimal settings would be for capturing the best shot.

I'll be using a tripod also.

ANY help will be awesome cheers
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By team photo I presume you mean one where the entire team poses. Considering that there will be no motion, your 18-55 lens should be able to handle the task. Lighting will be your biggest challenge. Since lighting in your typical rink is terrible (& fluroscent), you will need a shoe mounted flash. Depending on how many are in the picture, a slave flash to provide wider coverage may also be good. If you do not have access to a shoe mounted flash, set your White Balance to "Fluorescent" and ask everyone to hold still while you take the picture. For the latter set up, defintely use the tripod since the shutter speed will be slow. An aperture of f/8 should provide optimal results on the 18-55 kit lens. Use aperture priority and let the camera select the shutter speed. I'd keep the ISO at 200 especially if you are planning to use a tripod. This will maximize image quality.

Good luck!
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My son has played house league hockey for several years and each year the league arranges for team photos. Usually, they have two stations set up. One that shoots the whole team and another for individual player shots.

Assuming you want to do a posed team shot, there are two classics. Either at center ice or a 'studio'. (For kid's house league, the studio is an empty dressing room.) Either one is going to be difficult to light well. At least a couple of off-camera sources would be best. Otherwise, you're likely to get about the same look as a police mug shot!

What do you have to work with? There are DYI instructions out there for making flash snoots etc.

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