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Default Basketball and High ISO

I've been trying to work out the best settings for taking basketball pictures in moderately lit gymnasiums. The first one here is taken in full manual mode with a Pentax K-X with a FA 50mm 1.4 lens, iso 3200, 1/800 sec, F2.0. The next three are with the same camera with a Tamron AF 70-300 at ISO 6400, 1/320, F4 - 5.6. All images post processed with Noise Ninja. To me the images look a little soft. Is this a result of high ISO and pp noise reduction?
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As mentioned in the other thread, WB is off - too cool. You can also see the drop off in sharpness when you switch to the tamron lens - part of that is the lens sharpness but part is the drop off in shutter speed. It's particularly noticable in the close up of the free-throw shooter - the eyes just aren't sharp enough.

Shot 1 is definitely the pick of the litter. Nice action and good sharpness.
shot 2 - too soft for such a close up.

shot 3 - nice timing but crooked and too soft
shot 4 - nice timing but no real faces in this shot - so not as interesting - also soft.

You've got a nice camera for the action now you need a lens to go with it.
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Its a bit difficult to tell whether the softness is due to inferior optics or just plain OOF. Its difficult to achieve good focus on moving subjects unless you bought a sports body designed for that purpose.

The one thing that did jump out at me is as John stated the WB is off, far too cool due to the HID lighting.
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