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As a former pilot, both R/C and the ones I sat inside of, and a photographer, I appreciate the aesthetics and difficulty of a 360 degree prop blur on a fast moving object. But I like the shots with a bit of blur because it's different and it reminds me of my appreciation of the value of what in Zen is called 'beginner's mind'.
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Many thanks 'ItDontMeanAThing'!

I am also glad to hear / read / receive your comments. I guess I didn't particularly think I 'needed' the 360 degree prop blur, but can see where Mark and John can suggest that, and I will try that in the future (also with more panning / background blurred due to slower shutter speed shots).

Furthermore, I realise the exposure I should work on more consistently, but as I was taking photos from one angle to another (large differences in light from 1 second to another) I had not 'set up my exposure' for just one direction. So I need more patience and thinknig.

However your post is encouraging too, thanks. I will try to appreciate hte 'Zen / beginner's mind' and progress to intermediate and then advanced!

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