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Default not very happy.......

............first let me state that i did a ton of research on the nikon tele x 1.4-coupled with the d90 and the 70 200mm vr II most people were quite happy with very little IQ loss-so i decided to pull the trigger basically for more reach at the sons baseball games-i would give my left arm for the 300 2.8 prime, but hey i cant afford it- anyway i find that most of the images i take with the tele x on are very soft- ive dropped a stop from 4 to 4.5 thinking the images would be sharper but no go- heres a sample of a pic-its subpar for my take and i think others would agree- so basically im asking advice of others if i should just shoot the games without it? thanks-johnny
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compare the 70-200 + 1.4x and just the 70-200, but cropped. See which you like better.

BTW, trading body parts are illegal in the U.S. I'd adivse against it. Also, it'd suck to have only one arm.
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I had the same experience with the Canon equivalent. You could always look around for a used Sigma 100-300 F4. Steven
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