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Default Soccer C&C needed

Here are some pics from my sons soccer game last weekend.










Canon 7D Sigma 70-200 f2.8
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I'm still learning too, but I know I like hearing what anyone thinks when I post, so here's my comments (I'm sure more knowledgeable folks will be around shortly)...

#1 Good action & good expressions. Faces look a little dark. Also, the kids are running "uphill" toward the right. Use your favorite photo editing software to straighten the picture before cropping. Use the horizon as your guide.
#2 Would have worked better cropped tightly around your son. There's nothing really happening otherwise.
#3 Good action, but focus looks off. Could also have worked with a tighter crop IMO
#4 Needs straightened and a tighter crop
#5 Again, straighten and tighter crop
#6 I like to see faces more. Other than that good timing
#7 & #8 IMO would look better as a tighter crop
#9 Nice shot of two friends.

My biggest suggestion is to let the light work for you... put the sun at your back or 45 degrees off your shoulder. Otherwise the players bodies create their own "shadow" on faces and to get that exposure right, you need to blow out the background.

I also have problems with shooting "level", but fortunately, I have enough room to rotate to level THEN crop in post.

Again, I am by no means an expert and got my camera to do just what you're doing... pictures of my kids sporting events.
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Good comments from SamG.

On the crops for 7 and 8 crop off behind the player in each.

I would try to use some levels adjustments to help the kids stand out a little.

One more note - For saftey get the coaches to get those shin inside the socks.
Canon 7D
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Thanks for the advice guys. We have another game 2morrow, so I think I will try some differnet ISO settings to see what happens. Will post results later. Any suggestions?

What type of photo editing to you guys use? I ahve been using Picassa, guess because its cheap and easy to use. I have adobe laying around but found it hard to understand, or maybe Im lazy.

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Here's a link to the photos I got last weekend... not a cloud in the sky so very harsh sunlight... http://forums.steves-digicams.com/sp...-c-wanted.html. Although I shoot with a Nikon, I also used a 70-200mm, and the iris changes on the zoom. I say that as an idea of what you can get.

First, I'd set my ISO for 200... MAYBE increasing it IF it's extremely overcast. I'd try the aperture at 2.8 and see what kind of speed I'm getting. As long as I'm getting 1/1000 or faster, I'm fine. If I'm not happy with the focus (because DOF is shallow on the 2.8), I might bump the aperture to 4 (knowing I'll have to slow down the shutter to do that).

I position myself behind one of the end lines and get some shots of the teams warming up. I use those test shots to adjust my settings. Then shoot like crazy during the game. lol

As far as photo editing... I've used ACDSee that I got with an old camera (free), and paint.net (that's the name of it, not a web page) for layer work... also free. I've also worked with Photoshop Elements 7 and am now learning Photoshop 7.

I've also used Gimp (another freebie) but it's been a while. It's another photoshop knockoff, but my computer didn't handle it very well (very slow).

If you have Photoshop, go with that... it's overkill but my suggestion is to figure out what you want to do, then find out how to do that. Ex: google 'photoshop how to rotate' or 'photoshop how to adjust levels'.

Good luck!
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-Exposures are way too bright on all the images. Like, seriously way too bright...
-Level your horizons...
-Shoot tight, and crop tighter...
-Images seem pretty soft, especially #1-9... oops, that's all of them I guess, lol.
-I'd throw out #3 and #6 because the composition doesn't work. All the others can probably be fixed to an acceptable level with some serious PP.
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