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Default First Attempts - Any Suggestions??


These pictures are my first actions shots with my DSC-V1 - my first digital camera. I was using:
ISO 200
Shutter 1/60
Full Zoom
No Flash
No Tripod

This is my first experience with any kind of camera other than a point-n-shoot film camera so any help would be appreciated.

I tried ISO 400 but got too much noise, also tried raising the EV but saw no significant difference. I thought these pictures(at least some of them) turned out pretty good but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to help me along.

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gyms shots are so bad on lighting they are really hard to get
good shots. never shot gymnastics but looks like it is lite the same as Indoor bball and vball is what i always have trouble with unless its at a couple of gyms that have good lighting.
here are some of my photos if you want to look.
im getting the rebel here soon .....yippy ,....i still like my camera ...but cant wait.

good luck taken gym shots !

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Don't want to burst your bubble or seem negative but you may be expecting to much from your camera... It will be tough getting results in such terrible lighting conditions... i know... i've been there!

Couple of things working against you.

1) At full zoom your lens aperture is 4.0
2) You say the noise is to bad at iso 400
3) Shutter lag? (don't know if you have this problem)

My suggestions

1) Get as close to the event as possible to minimize zoom since as you zoom your lens will "slow" down going from 2.8 to 4.

2) Use a higher ISO and then use some thing like neat image to clean up the noise.

3) You might not be able to get good results on fast events like fast moving floor or vaults... I have a hard time with iso set to 1600 and a 2.8 lens...

4) Start saving your pennies for a DSRL...

Here's the results i'm gettting from my DRebel:

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Thanks for the feedback John (I was specifically waiting for your reply ). I know my camera's not made for this and don't expect it to perform well in these conditions but was testing it under some "extreme" conditions to see if I could get any kind of decent shots.

I'll have to try ISO 400 some more... Is that program available for Mac or is there something else that works smooth - maybe a Photoshop filter?

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I don't know specifics about your camera, but can tell you that there is something called noise filter mac. I found it with a netscape search. I haven't used it but it is out there. I tried another filter before and I don't think it did much (Using Panther and Photoshop Elements 2). Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of it. There will be a version of NeatImage for OS X at some point. I think a lot of PC users really like it so it may be worth waiting for...
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This was discussed a little at OnlinePhotographers.com. Most of us there use FZ-10's (with fixed F2.8 aperture), but I'm sure the other principles are the same

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