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I'm guessing you are uploading the wrong file. Be sure to check where you have irfanview saving the converted files. Then look at the properties of the file before uploading. The image here has 640x960 pixels. So it couldn't have been uploaded as a 600x800 image.
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That image was not reprocessed by our forums software.

But, I don't see any Exif info in it.

So, whatever editor (or editors if using more than one for processing) you were using stripped out the Exif info from it. Be careful to make sure the boxes are checked to retain Exif info for any editor you're using (and avoid the "save for web" features that some software uses, as they will often strip out the Exif metadata, too)

IOW, that photo has no Exif info. But, that's because the photo you attached didn't have any (it was already stripped out by your editing process at the time you attached it).
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I will check to see if any software switches might be set incorrectly.

I understand what you are suggesting John but have to say my file management skills are pretty good. I would seem I am unable to post on a forum to save my butt but finding files I can do.

The last file I posted weighed in at close to 5.6 meg before resize. I copied the file from the storage directory to a working directory. From the working directory I opened the file using irfanview. Selecting resize I used the 600x800 option and what you see is what it saved. I was using the 1024x768 which should be fine for the forum but Jim pointed out that the long edge was still 1200.

At this point I have to agree with Jim and say there is a switch flipped wrong somewhere causing the issue as I did not have this problem when I still had the XP machine.
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