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These are great pictures and are worth looking at twice ( Double Post)
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I like the fact that you looked off field and caught the guy on the stretcher at a great moment. Action important to the story happens in both places. I bet the player on the stretcher wouldn't mind seeing that in print on an article - injured but his mind was still in the game. (Of course, I'm sure he'd have preferred his body was there too).
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Just caught the message between the pics and see I am agreeing with Dale, not providing some new insight. But I still agree with him and the other comments.

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Very good to excellent - but you really need to get your horizons straight!

First Post
Pic #1, QB - Nice.
Pic #2, #7 running - Excellent!
Pic #3, Good action, will be excellent when you straighten the horizon, blur & darken the background, and crop a little tighter.
Pic #4, Excellent REaction shot, so many sports shooters forget this part of the game.
Pic #5, Good action but because the linemen are so close it's a little "busy".
Pic #6, Good action but a distracting background.
Pic #7, Good shot - the sign is hilarious. But I would definately crop: crop the guy on the left almost completely out, crop the girl at her waist and crop just above the sign.

Second Post
Pic #1, Touchdown - It's OK but toooo far away, it's just their backs (boring) and #52 is distracting. But if you crop him out you loose the one thing I like - fans with raised fists.
Pic #2, Celebration - Very good.
Pic #3, Slightly back focused but very good action. I think you could do a lot with croping. You could increase its impact by cropping out #72 on the left, crop at their waist on the bottom, include #22's hand on the bottom and far right, and crop very close to the top of the helments.
Pic #4 Very nice but straighten that horizon! and crop a little tighter.
Pic #5 #25 in White - Very nice but a little busy.
Pic #6 Very good but again crop tighter. Gert rid of the player on the left, crop closer to the feet on the bottom and right, and finally get rid of (crop) the orange background as much as posible.

To wrap it up, you did a great job and being from far west Texas I salute you for shooting under those harsh weather conditions. Christmas Eve in my town and it hit 70 degrees!
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Nice pix! I love the close up sports action!

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