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I bought things piecemeal, so it didn't feel that salty except for those stinking adapters. And I've only got 2 stands/umbrellas, I use a 3rd clamp lamp for backlight. But you're right, its not cheap, I guess I felt like it was easier than going with strobes. Kenmck's set up I linked to is much cheaper than mine.
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Going cheap & using hot-lights is a great way to learn lighting. Once you do, you can use almost all of your components with strobes (I still use hot-lights with strobes)! If you are caught having to go cheap, you can use the clamp-light fixtures & bulbs while using walls & ceilings for reflectors.

Don't get "stuck" on one kind of lighting.....experiment with your lights combined with natural light. Shoot using pie plates & foil-covered ceiling tiles for better effects.....heck, I put a 4' silver space blanket under all of my models (unless I'm doing full bodyshots. But it's still part of my setup in front of them.....

The below was shot using window light behind her & a gold pie plate to my left to provide the fill light on her front & eyes....about as cheap as it gets.
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All I've ever had has been the clmap on lights...at the beginning I used regular 60W light bulbs in them...then after a while i read about the "daylight" ones and switched to them which were much better, but like others said, they get real hot. Someone in another forum mentioned using the twisty looking flourescent ones. I got a couple of the 23W ones which are equivelent to about 100W. They don't get nearly as hot. I've been slowly trying to put some space together in the garage to work on some photos. Of course I'm cheap, but not by choice. Here's a photo of my wife I took using the daylight bulbs (but not the new twisty ones). I took it in our bathroom with a reddish sheet as a background.

And here's one I took of my daughter today real quick with the new bulbs...Not time or effort used in this. Just a quick shot...It was taken in the garage with a blue sheet in the background, but not lit....looks almost black...but the results gives me hope!

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