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I have just purchased a Bowens Espirit Gemini 2 head Standard kit which came complete with a sync cord etc.

I use a Nikon D70 and also have an SB-600 flash gun.

I can get the external lighting to flash/fire but it is not in sync with the camera as every shot i take is coming out very dark and underexposed. I have read all different help pages but am just totally confused.

How do i sync my camera to the external flash unit? Do i leave the SB-600 mounted on camera or take ot off? Do i need a PC sync terminal for the cord? Also i am not sure that i am getting the full menu up on my D70. I viewed another posting on a similar problem and an image was posted displaying option 18 on the 'pencil' part of the in camera menu. i have tried resetting and still no luck.

Just need a step by step guide really. i feel so silly not being able to figure this out.

I would be greatful of any help!

Thank You

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Place aNikon AS-15 Sync Terminal Adapter in the hot shoe and connect the synchro cable.

Regarding the long menu:

In the English manual page 161: CSM Menu
You can chose between "Simple" and "Detailed" CSM Menu

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Hi Jodie,

When using the studio strobes you will have to set your camera to manual mode and meter the lights to your camera settings. 1/60th at F-8 is a good starting point.A flash meter is needed to measure the flash lighting. TTL will NOT function at all with strobes.

The Nikon AS-15 is needed or A Wein safe sync would probably be a better choice. Your manual will give you information on this type of flash use ,So you should read the manual.


PS: You have some nice lights. I have the Travel light 750's which are made by Bowens and I really like them. All you need is a FLASH meter and the AS-15 to plug the cord into. You can put your SB-600 on the camera and turn it to manual and lower the flash output or even use the built in pop up to fire the bowens strobes with the eye sensors but you will still need the flash meter to adjust the lights.

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