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Hi guys

My gf is wearing a costume for an event and i want to photograph it. It will be indoors and i was wondering what is the best way to take this image.

I have a fz30 and i have been told to use a very dark room and use the flash to keep the light at a single temp. what ever that means. can you guys please help out

this is what i was told byu a friend but im not sure if i trust him and i dont want to mess this up

iso200, app priority f-2.8, flash -2

any suggestions plse



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hmmm what kind of picture u want to have just an ordinary pic or an art pic???
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Umm i am just wanting a well saturated image with good exposure or atleast a nice base image for photo shop correction

if you get what i mean


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Hi Ken

The advice about the dark room is for full studio lighting. It means you are seeing the effects of the lights, without any contribution from other sources, like daylight, which will make you think the lighting is more even than it is.

If you are using studio lights then it's a whole different skill set.

If you're using a flashgun or the built in flash I would definately recommend getting as much extra light as possible. Also bounce the flash off the ceiling or something to soften it.

by flash -2 I guess you mean reduce the flash output? Not in a dark interior. If sunlight is your main source, and the flash is for fill then yes.

The advice about colour temperatures is not nearly as important as getting a well exposed image. Play with white balance later. Shoot raw if you can. Yes, you may have to compromise and get the background slightly wrong so the subject (your girl) is in correct colour; table lamps will look too orange, etc. but who cares? seriously. Your gf won't give a monkey's! She will care though if your picture is dark and yukky, or the flash makes her look like a deer in the headlights, or her skin is green. I'm assuming this is not the look you're after...

...although, you didn't actually tell us what the costume was(!)
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