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I am looking to finally get a beginner strobe kit. Willing to spend about $500-$700. I have had my eye on the Interfit Stellar 600 W/S 2 light kit (can be bought with either 2 white umbrellas or 1umbrella and 1 soft box). It seems after reading alot on forums that the soft box might be kind of small (36', I believe). It is a kit from B&H. Is this a good brand and are the specs good. I guess I'm not really sure what I'm looking at when I look at the specs, anyway. But I have saved for awhile and want to expand into home studio portraits, who knows what else... But everywhere I look I see people raving about the Alien Bees, not even a word anymore about White Lightning (maybe they are too expensive for newbies). I would like to take portraits of family to start with and as I learn more, maybe expand to be able to make money on them. There are way too many choices, even with a limited budget. :? Any help would be appreciated in helping make a choice. :lol:
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One word: http://www.alien.bees.com

Excellent products and service that puts other to shame!!!
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If you are beginning with flash photography it might be a good idea to start with a cheap set with low W/s. You can always step up after that if you really need it and use those old cheap lights as back ups or hair lights.

i got a kit for 300 euros including 2 softboxes, 2 stands, 2 200w/s monolights with reflectors, and 2 RF triggers. I never had to use a shutter speed lower than 1/250th and an aperture of 11. So plenty of headroom, and you don't immediatly need 600 W/s lights (except if US calculations of W/s are different than EU *which i now know they are).

The quality of the light is almost the same between a cheap and an expensive kit. So i'm sure a nice www.alienbees.com kit for about 300-400 $ will fulfill your wildest dreams (or interfit, jinbei, any brand).

*- just checked some US flash equipment sites, my 200w/s equals to about 500w/s effective (thats how the US stores count it). So don't mind my previous comment about the light strenght
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I think the difference in the power rating is due to the difference in mains voltage (120V in the USA and 230V in the EU).
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