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Jamboc Mar 30, 2006 2:08 PM

Hi there

I own a canon EOS350D DSLR Camera, which i'm really getting into, I've a couple of lenses now and recently brought a Canon 580ex speedlite. However Im now looking to buy some studio flash equipment, the main use will be family portriats of my other half and kids and nephews etc and probably the dog!, it will be set up in a fairly small space(dining room/or spare room) and taken down when finished. So i feel that i wont need anything too powerful for this pupose. I've looked at some of the reviews and details on the products but getting more confused by the minute.

Having seen on the website Bowens, which seem to get fairly good reviews have various kits. One such Kits is the "Esprit 125 studio in a box 2 head kit" it retails around £489. However also listed is the "Esprit 125 Two head Kit" Which retails at £599, exaclty what is the difference, apart from just over £100, between these two kits? and are either worth getting for what i want to do? I notice neither list;s a softbox, where as the "esprit Gemini250 two head kit" does, Would i be better buying the 125 kit(or studio in a box) and purchasing a softbox seperatly or getting the 250 kit? budget is a consideration in this, but at the same time i dont want to waiste £480 quid on something that doesnt do what i need and only £180 extra would. Iunderstand that more heads more power etc is always better and that given aunlimited budget then buy bigger an more, but as budget is what im asking is which should i choose, and exaclty what is the difference between the two 125 kits?

Also how exaclty should these units be connected to my camera, and would my 580ex speedlite be of any use in a home studio setup to give maybe that 3rd light?

Regards and thanks for any help in advance

James Carr

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