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tommysdad Apr 14, 2007 8:39 AM

I wanted some umbrellas for my D-lites (they ship with softboxes),mainly because the softboxes take time to set up,also I get hard light with the silver brollies.I won 2 silver 110cm umbrellas on ebay for £ 10.50 ,,result.!!!
When they arrived I noticed they didnt fit the holes on my d-lites.After a bit of research I found that Elinchrom have their own non-standard umbrella size, my 7mm umbrellas wouldn't fit elinchroms 7mm hole???.I found that elinchrom sold their own range of umbrellas , 6 times as much as the ones I payed for.!!
Right then , where's my drill.
  1. make sure flash head is fully discharged ,my lites hadn't been used for a few days.
  2. remove modelling lamp and flash tube[/*]
  3. mask off area around umbrella hole to stop stray bits of plastic from entering flash head[/*]
  4. drill umbrella hole (carefully) with 8mm drill.[/*]
You will definately void your warranty when doing this ,but I now have umbrellas for my D-lites :D

If you try the above modification do so at your own risk !!!!


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