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Default Flash Meters

Can anyone explain how you take the readings from the flash meter to the camera (Nikon 5700). I mean, it says "FNo 1/3 or 2/3" when I pop the flash and the shutter speed lights up but how do I take these settings and put them into the camera? For example, I see no 5.6 in the shutter speed settings and I am unsure about the f-stop increments (who they work).

I am a newbie to the "manual" world. If it helps, I have the Interfit analog meter.

Thanks for answering my "you have to be kidding" questions but I cannot figure it out.
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When you're using a flash meter the camera should be in full manual mode. A quick glance at an online review says that you use the same dial as when setting the shutter speed and to tap the mode button once to switch from shutter to aperture.

The 5700 appears to have flaky aperture increments that change through the zoom range. If this is the case the best you can do it find the closest number to what your flash meter says. Actually being within a third of a stop is pretty darn good. I'm gussing your flash meter reads in 1/3 stop increments so use the following scale:

+1/3 = 3.2
+ 2/3 = 3.5
+1/3 = 4.5
+ 2/3 = 5.0
+ 1/3 = 6.3
+2/3 = 7.1

Does that make sense? f2.8, 4.0, 5.6 and 8.0 are considered "whole" f stops and the others inremental fractions. Other meters like the Sekonic L-358 can be set to read in tenths of a stop as well. [/code]
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Thank you very much! This will definitely help! I'll post pictures once I get the hang of it.
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