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Default Gameroom "Portrait Studio" advice needed?

I have been lurking in the forums here for a while and have learned so much from the members advice and links. However, as a hobbyist, I am still confused over what I should purchase to set up an "in home" studio.

Let me first start off by saying I would like to keep my expenses at or around $1,500, if possible.

The room I have dedicated to be my "portrait studio" is an upstairs gameroom, located directly above our two-car garage. The room is approx 18' x 21' with a small window in the approx center of the east (21') wall, and another window in the middle of the north (18') wall. The south wall has a gabled (slanted) ceiling which is angled about 4' off the floor. I *think* the ceiling is 10'.https://19216811.cam/ https://1921681001.id/

My primary equipment is a Canon 5D Mark II, with a 580EXII flash. I also still use my Canon 40d with the same flash. My primary portrait lens is 50mm, and my primary walk-around lens is 24-105mm.

I currently own NOTHING in the way of studio equipment.

I am fairly crafty and believe I can paint my own backdrops with quilter's muslin, but I do not have a frame to put them on.

My goal is to set up a home studio in which I can take portraits of my kids and friends' families. I would prefer to have a setup that is portable that I can take with me when I visit out-of-state family, or to take outdoor photo shoots, but if too much quality is lost due to portability, I would rather have a better-quality fixed studio upstairs.

I know I will probably need 1000-1200 w Full Spectrum lighting, but beyond that, I am lost as to what are the essentials I really need for my set up -- umbrellas/softbox/reflectors, etc in addition to the backdrop stand.

I would prefer a full "kit" so I can point hubby to a link and say "this is what I want," but if individual components are better than the kits, I'd like to know that, too. Being a hobbyist, I won't have the chance to upgrade for quite a while, so I would like the best bang for my $1,500 I can get right now.

Thanks so much in advance for all your help!

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G'day Eleanor

My "studio" equipmentwas all acquired as budget-priced stuff
3x Microphone stands with boom @ $50 ea
3x 12volt halogen-bulb domestic spotlights (meant to be ceiling mounted onto artwork) ~ but they had baffles to control light spread @ $90 ea

some DIY adapters to put lights onto stands plus some DIY (using curcular needlework disk things) with fine cotton spread across as diffusers, then attached via coat-hanger wires onto the 12v lights

I found that using the continuous lights that I could better control shadows + the addition of the diffusers was helpful in portraiture to soften the light onto the face

Here's an oldie ..

Hope this helps
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