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Nathan Shane Dec 28, 2006 3:32 PM

Okay, here's the situation...I'm real picky about the actual color of light that I use in my workroom at home. I'm talking about the light bulbs in the ceiling fan and a couple of other's on don't think studio lighting.

But...I do shoot photos and videos, nothing really professional, and mostly for the internet. I also do a little bit of green screen video stuff as I like working in a room/home environment that is completely lit up as if though one was working outdoors in the sun. I like everything around me to be well seen at all times.

So when it comes to the stuff I do, I've always color corrected stuff on the computer, because I've been using just everyday light bulbs...the GE Crystal Clear for awhile, then I switched to the REVEAL bulbs, but it finally dawned on me that the reason I'm color correcting is because of the color temperature of these bulbs...they make everything look more red/yellowish in the entire room. And looking at the burning element of the bulb, I can understand why.

So...I bought some GE Daylight 100 Spiral Bulbs (rated at 6500K) at Wal Mart, and noticed a significant shift in color in the overall look of the room towards a more accurate color, but now everything leans towards more of the blue-spectrum of color temp in the entire room...but overall, just looking around the room, everything looks more color accurate...sorta.

My question is this...does anyone have any suggestions about other bulbs I might think about using in this work room? I dislike working in a red/yellowish environment, but also dislike working in the blue-ish environment because of the bulb's color effect upon my working environment.

I searched online and found these two spiral bulbs that might be good (though expensive) replacements. What do some of you think...are some of you particular to the way the light looks in your work/home environment???

class="content"BULB 26 WATT 5000K DAYLIGHT [align=justify] class="content"Digital Imaging Flourescet Spiral Bulb
5000K, True daylight
26 watt, 110-130 volt
Lumen: 1600
Ave life: 5000 hours [/align] class="contbold"Price:$11.95
class="content"BULB 30 WATT 550K SP30/955K [align=justify] class="content"Eiko Photo Pro lamp 30 watt, 120 v, 5500 K - SP30/955K
Eiko Photo Pro lamps are designed with the professional photographer in mind, Photo Pro lamps feature:
* 5500K Daylight color ...[/align] class="contbold"Price:$14.95

Bob Nichol Dec 28, 2006 4:57 PM

These spiral lights are still fluorescents so won't have a continuous spectrum such as an incandescent light produces. This may cause unpredictable colour shifts when you least expect them. They are great for household lighting as they are very energy efficient but I wouldn't recommend using them for colour matching, photographic or videographic purposes.

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