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I've been taking a photography course for about 1 month now. The other night we experimented with Studio photography. I own a Nikon D50 and our instructor introduced use to light / flash meters. I also read a very interesting article in Popular Photography Imaging (November 2005 issue) on the use of light / flash meters even with DSLRs.

Could anyone recommend a good Light / Flash Meter that is not too expensive but very efficient to use with the D50? My local camera shop has suggested the Sekonic L-308S. Any other suggestions? By the way, the Konica Minolta models are no longer available in my area.

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I don't know what else is available these days, but you might try some online shops for bargains. I have an older Minolta that still works fine; there seems to be one just like it for sale HERE. I'm not related to this in any way, so I know nothing about the shape it's in.

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YOu can get used ones off Ebay.

I bought an old film light meter from the 1930's and it still meters pretty good.

Cost me about $10 from a second hand store.

-- Terry

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You have to make sure what kind of meter you need. The cheapest ones read continuous lights only, I doubt that this the type you need because it's the type built into your camera.

What you probably need, althought it is worth checking, is one that will also read flash, that is it can read very short burst of light. Unless you plan on being a studio photographer I think the expense of this type of meter is a ridiculous thing for a professor/teacher to expect you to purchase.

I taught at the University of Texas at El Paso for eight years and we supplied the light meter for all the studio work. It seemed ludicrous to ask every student who wanted to take an advancced photo class to own one untill they knew they needed it outside the academic setting.

Because you can instantly review your lighting with a digital camera it's an even less necessary tool.

If your prof is old school tell him/her that you would perfer to use the guide number of the light sources and figure your exposure by applying the inverse square law of light to measure your exposures. Then you can check your exposure using the histogram on your camera.

BTW that isn't a bunch of mumbo jumbo its a very ligitimate way of doing things.

Good Luck - Africa
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With all my pontifications I forgot to give you my list. In order of price/performance/features I suggest:
1. Sekonic L-308S Flashmate for $180.00
2. Shepard Polaris SPD 100 for $160.00
3. Gossen DigiFlash for $191.00

All prices were found at B&H Photo.

I own a Gossen (different model), the school had a Sekonic (different model) and I have used Minoltas and Shepards. All worked fine.

Haven't used a hand held meter since I went digital.

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