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I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to make their own W/S strobe studio lights?

Are there any electrical drawings out there...

(I am not looking for halogen lights, I am looking to build similar lights to those listed here: http://www.owens-originals.com/VUPRO...NG%20KITS.html )

I understand that if I build them, they won't be of the same quality as Bowens and the like.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Digging up some schematics for making a strobe shouldn't be too hard. The difficult part is in calibrating the outputs, both to a standard, and to each other. Frankly, the time and effort probably wouldn't be worth it. I don't have any schematics which are not copyrighted material, but maybe someone else can post something for you to work from, if you really want to continue.

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I have two soft boxes and both hot lights and flashes.

I mounted a Nikon Speedlight in one and it worked fine if you can put up with long re charge times.

And it has no wires which makes moving around easy.

I may mount two flashes in one softbox for a little more light.

Have you been to strobist yet?

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Old Apr 16, 2008, 6:34 AM   #4
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Hi alfabeta2,

I designed and built 10 strobe studio lights for my own use.

The first step was to get the high power strobe lamps that I got from a manufacturer and the high capacitance and high voltage capacitors that I got from a surplus store.

With this in hands I started designing myself the electric/electronic circuitry. I did it for fun since one of my hobbies is ham radio operation. As Brian said It would'n worth the time and effort if you are doing it just to save money.

I did it20 years ago. Internet was'n available and information was verydifficult to obtain. Some problems occurred in the first prototype and the lamps (bulbs) got burned because the capacitor charging current was not interrupted after triggering the lights. I learned some details the hard way. Recentrly I modified some of the outfits for batery operation.

The quartz bulb lamps are better for high power strobes, over 1000 Ws but "Pyrex" bulbs are also good for lower power and less expensive.

I do not recommendyou to build your own strobes. The final outfit is not like a commercial product.


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SAMS STROBES is a good place to start. I have made a few for front flash etc, but the high voltage/capacitor parts are as rare as hens teeth here.
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