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dana0069 Jan 21, 2013 2:19 PM

Neewer stobe lights
Hi not sure you have an answer but i'm going to ask anyway, I bought 3 of these Neewer 300DI lights, and I have a Canon 1100d t3 rebel camera, and I cannot get these lights to fire. I bought a canon hotshoe with a pc sync port, and set up my camera in manual mode, set the flash to sync at 1/200th in my camera..and nothing. So thinking the hot shoe was the probelm I ordered the Younguo RF-603c wirless flash trigger, got it all set up and NOTHING again. However when i pop-up the canon's on board flash and set the Neewer strobes to slave, they work.But i need this to work without my onboard flash...What do you think is the problem? btw: the Camers is brand new maybe 2 months old, and i've tried all 3 pc sync ports on all the strobes, thought maybe one may have had a bad pc sync port...i'm at a loss, any sugeestions? Thanks/Randy
P.S. flash options in camera all all greyed out, i think they only work with Canon Flashes, and I also disabled live view, which Canon says you have to in order to work with 3rd party flashes.

VTphotog Jan 24, 2013 12:07 PM

Do you have a way to try out a Canon hotshoe flash unit with your camera? I can think of several things that might be wrong, but confirmation that your camera works with a compatible flash on the hotshoe would answer a lot of questions.
I'm not a Canon user, and someone with brand experience may have a quick answer.


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