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Default Off-camera flash with Lumix G3

Hi folks. I'm currently struggling to get my Panasonic Lumix G3 to work with any kind of off-camera flash. I'm using a pair of Elinchrom D-Lite heads with their wireless trigger mounted on the camera. Exposure is set using a Sekonic flash meter. Most shots are coming out very badly exposed- almost like too fast a shutter speed had been selected. I've fiddled with the most obvious settings- shutter speed, mode, ISO etc. None of that does the trick.
The same problem occurs with an off-camera slave flash/on camera hotshoe flash combination.
I have a feeling I'm missing something really obvious, but am getting quite frustrated. Any guidance would be very welcome.
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Hi hope this doesnt sound condersending. does the camera work with internal flash look for a symbol that says it is using flash, my canon shows a lightning bolt in the view finder. Then check that the same symbol is present when you connect and external device. if its not look at the conectors on top see that one is not dirty or pushed down. your camera has o sense that a device is present then it should know to set the right sync speed. it may be worth looking at the manual to see if the hot shoe points are the same as the remote trigger
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Ah, yes, I did check all of that. What I haven't tried is firing the studio lights via the in-camera flash and their photo-cells. I'll give that a try and see if it makes any difference. Thanks.
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Default off camera flash with the lumix

I too have this problem. As far as I can tell the problem is the preflash. The almost imperceptible blip of flash (to detect exposure or focus or something)that fires just before the full flash fires. This triggers your studio system which the camera identifies as a really bright scene and screws up your exposure. I have spoken to Panasonic about this and you cannot turn the bloody thing off on any of their cameras. If you can find one you can get a little photoslave that can be set to ignore the preflash. I have just ordered a Sunpak DSU-01 which claims to do just that, I will let you know if it works. My system is an old Bowens monolite so I will be using a voltage reducer as well so I don't fry the slave.
If you have found another way around this problem then I would love to know.
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