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Default Panasonic Flash Compatability ?

I'd like to have an off camera slave to experiment with, primarily outdoors for flowers and nature subjects. Dark woods, heavy tree cover, low light, special effects, etc.
I have the Panasonic G1 with pop-up & clip-in diffuser, Metz 36 with Sto-Fen OmniBounce, all "TTL only" for triggers, so I need a slave with the compatible mode setting.
I see the Neewer, Yuonguo, etc, models that have the mode, but my question is, will "any" hotshoe mounted flash also work when mounted on the body if I use it in manual?
The Metz 36 will always be my primary flash, but it would be nice if the slave could pull double duty now and then, if just for the sake of testing it.
The Neewer TT520 or similar is what I've been looking at. I'll probably need 2 if this works out, and they are going to be abused getting tied, clamped or strapped to trees/logs or whatever.
Will practically anything I find with the pre-flash mode for slave also work as manual from the hotshoe?
Basically, would a flash for a Canon/Nikon be functional on my Panasonic?
It has a 1/160th synch speed, if that matters. I can't set it faster in manual or shutter mode.
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