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swgod98 Jan 13, 2008 10:41 PM

Hello, I just purchased a couple PW Plus II's and have been using them with my SB-800. When I let the flash sit for more than a few seconds (say 20 or 30?), the PW's do not trigger the SB-800 on the first go...But, after the first go, they always trigger (unless I let them sit again for 20-30 seconds).

It seems the PW's are working, because I hear the flash charge up on that first attempt, and maybe they aren't firing that first time because they don't realize they need to be "ready" until the first trigger attempt...?

However, this is with them set at 1/4 power. So, there's no reason the SB-800 shouldn't be ready to go.

Anyone have experience with this and have input? I don't want to have to press the PW trigger button once every time I take a picture that isn't immediately after another.....

tommysdad Feb 19, 2008 5:30 PM

Is the SB 800 going into standby mode?, if so the PW's won't trigger the flash.I had the same problem using gadget infinity remotes.Your SB800 manual should tell you how to turn standby mode off.


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