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Does anyone have links or know about lighting for people. I have seen some picks but to me they look like the face is to bright. Others seems to like it. Is there a technique that makes it look like that on purpose? The skin is shiney/uneven and the lighting is directed at the face.
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mom, did you check out any of the links at the top of the page in this very forum?

The very light skin photos you mention sound like they were done with a "high key"
effect. This can be done in-studio or simulated in post processing. This is a popular portrait technique.

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No i didn't TY I will look.
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Here's an example of post processing "studio lighting".

First, I shot a co-worker at the office using a plain, light background to make the subject extraction easy:


I then removed her from the image in Photoshop using the FILTERS-EXTRACT command.

I then created a blank file of the same size and dimensions, and using a piece of her jewelry as a compementary color for the background and the FILTERS-RENDER-LIGHTING EFFECT, I created a studio lighting setup, which resulted in this image:


I saved the background, which can be used later for different people, and the colors can be adjusted as needed to match whatever I need it to match.
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Theres a very useful book for portraits with lights called 'Lighting for Portrait Photography' by Steve Bavister. Has lots of examples with lighting diagrams in a variety of styles. It is very clear and easy to follow. Certainly a good place to start.
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