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I want to learn more about using light sources other than my cameras flash and the available ambient light. I am a kitchen cabinetry designer/builder. I made myself a website a couple years ago and I use it as my picture portfolio. I've got about a dozen batches of photos on it so far, but I'm tired of editing every single image in Photoshop to make it more presentable. I have a shoot of a very nice project I've completed coming up soon, and I want to do the very best I can.

I use an Olympus C3030 digital on a tripod. I just bought a 28mm wide angle lens.I don't own a light meter yet but I expect I'll need to spring for one when Ibuy my new lighting and start shooting in manual mode.

There invariably will be a window with lots of outside light in the center of the kitchen therefore in the center of my photo. I'm thinking that I must compensate by raising the light level inside, however without using too harse a light to avoid reflections and bright spots on the highly reflective finished surfaces, granite counters, stainless appliances, etc.

I've read a lot of info on lighting techniques using strobes andumbrellas for shooting localized targets like people, models, babies, etc, but I can't find anything on lighting up an entire room. Do I just use more strobes? What power? What about positioning? I've been looking at the Alien Bees.

Thanks in advance for any info you can give me.



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Here are a couple of links to some info.

photographinterior and architectural interior
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I do a lot of interior work on houses with a lot of reflective surfaces, you need to watch out for that!!!


Also use the SHUTTER SPEED to get the lighting outside, to match the flashlit inside! 60th/sec usually does it for me. Then adjust the aperture accordingly for the power of lights you are using. I use 2 X 500 Bowens lights, white transluscent brollies which I shoot THROUGH rather than reflecting! Have them both behind you, as high as possible, about 6 feet apart and fire them down on the kitchen. take a few test shots to check for reflections of the lights. When you get it right it looks quite effective and will show off your handywork very nicely!!!

Good luck!

P.s. Just seen your website, VERY nice work, and the pics seem pretty good to me!

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Thanks Freefly. And thanks for the compliment. I want to even out the interior lighting so I don't have to do so much photoshopping to make my images look good.

By the way, I've upgraded to an Olympus C8080 that already has a 28mm equiv. wide angle. I'm likin' it!

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