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To do portraits of just one person all you will need is just one light and a nice large white reflector. Use the strobe as your main light and the reflector as a fill light.

If shooting two or more people you would want to use two strobes because most of the time a reflector will not fill in shadowsof one person thatwill probably fall on the other person or persons.

Two 400's will probably work just fine. I suggested a 400 and 800 because if you ever needed more power you would have it at hand. I personly use up to three travelight 750's if shooting a very large group shot of 100 or more people.

Go to the lighting links on this forum to gather valuable information on how to use the lights when you get them.

Remember, You will need a FLASH METER to adjust any studio strobes you get. TTL will not work. You need to shoot in manual mode and adjust the lights to the shutter speed and camera F-stop. 1/60th at F-8 is usually a good shooting speed for portraits if using a 85mm lens or up. If you are stuck in a small room and need to use a 35 or 50mm lens you need enough light to shoot at 1/60th at F-20 or so to get enough depth to get a good photo that is not distorted in any way.

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Thanks! I ordered 2 B400's with a 60" white umbrella and a 32" sliver/white umbrella. I'm going to get a flash meter and some background fabric soon.
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