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Default Slave flash does not synchronize

I have a T2i and an Canon 430 EX II Speedlite. I'm trying to use an old Vivitar 283 flash with a slave trigger. It fires with the 430 but does not synchronize (either first or second curtain). The Vivitar flash is not recorded by the camera. Any ideas?
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Your primary flash is probably putting out a preflash which the slave first senses, dumping the capacitor on the secondary (slave) flash. There wouldn't be enough time for the slave flash to recycle for the main exposure. If you can set your primary (on camera?) flash to 'manual' (not ttl) it may not put out a preflash allowing the slave to synchronize.
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G'day ac

Slave flash pix do sometimes take a bit of setting up. I have used slave flash for many years - and am always 'relieved' when the damn things behave themselves

You state...
Originally Posted by acrane View Post
I have a T2i and an Canon 430 EX II Speedlite. I'm trying to use an old Vivitar 283 flash with a slave trigger.....
OKay - first up
back in film camera days, the flash fired in "X" sync with the camera and that was it. The triggers of that era only needed to 'see' a flash and they went 'pop' in sync ... and all was well

these days with e-TTL metering, the flash fires twice [once for metering, then for exposure], and if you [via menu] invoke non-Red-Eye flash, it means the flash fires 3 times ... with the final flash being the main one for exposure

From this follows two things - a) the old film camera optical triggers won't work with a digital camera's flash, and b) when you get a flash gun with Slave capabilities, it needs to be 'trained' to work on the 2nd or the 3rd flash is sees.

Your slave flash [when you get one] will have 2 sliders on the back, 1- for on/off vs 'normal' vs 'slave' operations and 2- for slave use to sync with the 1st flash, or the 2nd flash or the 3rd flash or the 4th flash [that it sees]

Whether the Vivitar 283 does this I do not know

then to the next bit ...
Originally Posted by acrane View Post
..... It fires with the 430 but does not synchronize .... The Vivitar flash is not recorded by the camera. Any ideas?
Okay this is typical where the flash fires but out-of-sync to the final / exposure flash from the camera [happens to me too & all too often]

The sensor on the slave flash MUST be able to 'see' and 'detect' the primary flash - if it's too far away or if the sensor is blocked by something else or if the slider switch is in the wrong mode ... lots of "ifs" - then there's no way that the flash will sync

To test your flash, place it on a table looking towards the camera and take a flash photo of the 2nd flashgun. Keep moving the slider switch from position "1" to "2" to "3" to "4" until the camera consistently sees the other flash firing into your camera lens [and open shutter]

Then you'll know what setting to use for your day-to-day slave flash pix

ps: I am at present upgrading my [small] slave flash guns from Vivitar 2000s to the Yongnuo 460s, each costing about $50US. These seem to be very popular amongs fellow photographers

Hope this helps a bit
Regards, Phil
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Use the Flash Exposure Lock button (FEL) on your T2i...
-> It's the AEL button when the flash is enabled

When you push this button the camera and 430EX will do a pre-flash to meter and lock the exposure. You can either shield this pre-flash burst from the 283, while holding this FEL button down wait for your 283 to recycle (if you didn't shield it from the pre-flash), and then press the shutter release. The shutter release will fire the real 2nd flash burst from the 430EX and also sync with the 283 this time around (now that the 283 is charged up again)!

This goes without saying that you need to adjust your flash(es) manually as the T2i has no control over the 283 for exposure (or when the two flashes fired together)
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