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Hello all! I just found this forum, looks great, I'm excited I found it (Thanks Steve!). I recently bought the Maxxum 5D. I had a Maxxum 35mm, and several lenses with it, so this was my economical choice. I've recently starting dabbling in taking portraits ofchildren, my own plus friends and family. I've had a set of Tungsten studio lights (Smith Victors) for a couple years now, and have been playing with those, meanwhile trying to learn about my new 5D. I'm afraid I have what may be a pretty dumb question...

When I use the Tungsten bulbs, I've been bouncing them off the ceiling because they seemed to harsh pointed at the subject(s). But the pictures still have a 'warm", orangey/yellow tone to them, sometimes they look like the kids put self-tanner on. :lol: I've been using Auto for now, just to get accustomed to my camera. So I assumed that the camera would automatically adjust to the Tungsten bulbs. Is that not the case? Do I need to manually set it so that it knows I will be using the bulbs?
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Welcome to the forum Darlene.

I think you will probably get the best results by learning how to set a custom White Balance. This is done by entering the WB menu and selecting custom, then taking a picture of a white or neutral gray card which fills the frame, Once stored, you can return to this setting at any time. This will eliminate the color cast you are seeing.

Sorry I can't give specific directions on how to set the WB, but I don't have the same camera. Your manual should have instructions.

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Or, you can set your White Balance to the "incandescent" (just another way of phrasing tungsten) setting. The Auto WB setting is best used if you are outdoors under varied sunny/cloudy conditions.
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I agree with Kalypso. Set the camera to incandescent or tungsten, what ever it is called in your camera.

You didn't say, but if you shoot in RAW, it will be MUCH easier to adjust the WB later.

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You have a lot of options under "Color temperature settings"

"In addition to AWB (auto white balance), PWB (preset white balance), custom white balance and color temperature settings, the Dynax5D/Maxxum5D offers added creative freedom with CC (Color Compensation) filter effects and Color Temperature fine-tuning in 100K increments. And, the camera's G9 (Green) to M9 (Magenta) range enables precise white balance adjustments for difficult lighting situations." WHEW!

First choice - Try the custom white balance as recommended - it can be a bit confusing although very accurate once you set it properly.

Second choice - Try using the Color Temperature settings. Start at 3400 degrees Kelvin, take a couple of shots and adjust as necessary. If the pics are still too yellow lower the temp, I they are too blue increase the temp.

Third choice - The semi-automatic incedescent or tungsten setting will get you close (maybe right on) and is the easiest to do but the least accurate.


BTW good idea to bounce those SM lights, they create harsh shadows, make people squint and they can get hot.
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